Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Shopping Haul

Hello again! as you may have noticed I haven't been blogging in ages due to internet issues but today I am bringing you a double postt

This is just a quick haul of the things I got in 1 hour with YEN, everything is also cheap nothing high end and completely affordable. First off I got another Real Techniques Brush, this time it's a powder brush, everyone probably saw it coming, in fact I was looking for this while shopping so I'm glad that's ticked off the list, also along the way I purchased a Liptint From Rimmel in the color Timeless Tango, just wanted to test out something new. Secondly I got a pack of these Round/Circle Farrings From Valleygirl for only $7 :O that's SOOO cheap and if you haven't noticed circle earrings are my absolute faves especially LARGE ones, I have sooo much colors now YAY!!!!! I also purchased a feather hair Clippy Thing From Valleygirl which is also the second time I bought it cause the girl never put it in the bag when I bought it :( I then went into Diva along the way and bought this Pastel Minty Green Spikey Bracelet, which I am super pleased with because it looks really edgy but the color also looks girly and feminine ♥ Last jewellery purchase is also a Bracelet From Colette, this is probably my favorite of the day, it's just sooo girly with the pink and the best thing was that Yen bought it for me so THANK YOU YEN!!!!! OXOX
Also I forgot to mention that I purchased a pair of flats (which I don't own many) out of the blue because it was just so cute and incredibly cheappp. See I think today has been a very good day, I didn't buy anything expensive and found some pretty Amazing deals!
Me wearing FLATS!

 Price list for these purchases:
- Real Techniques Powder Brush $24.99Aud
-Rimmel Lip Tint $15.95Aud
-Valleygirl Circle Earrings $6.95Aud
-Valleygirl Feather Hair Clip $6.95Aud
-Diva Spiky Mint Bracelet $10Aud
-Colette Pink/Green Bracelet FREE ($12.95)
-Temt Multicolored Flats $14.95Aud

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