Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sunny vs Hoola

 Hey sisters, today I am going to be comparing these two lovely bronzers : NYC bronzer in Sunny  and the Benefit Hoola.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I have been using the Benefit Hoola Bronzer for about 3-4 months now and I really love it, it's a perfectly matte bronze shade with no shimmer which makes it perfect for contouring or if you want that all over natural looking tan. I also really like that this bronzer suits most skin types from light/medium to tan/dark, it all just depends on the amount you use and since it's soo pigmented I recommend using a bit at a time to build up the intensity or just tap off the excess powder. This bronzer is also very finely milled so it doesn't look chunky or uneven on the face and I think the wearing time is great, I would say that this stays on my face all day (about 12 hours) which is great for someone who works long hours or have no time to do touch-ups during the day. Now that I have mentioned all the good things about this bronzer, here comes the bad..............
One thing that is pretty obvious is the price, for all you ladies out there who are on a budget, might have to think twice about this because it is pricey. Another thing that I hear all the time is that this bronzer can make your face look muddy, since it is very pigmented it can be easy to overdo, this bronzer for some reason has that muddy color to it that looks rather unattractive when not applied properly and I think it has happened to many people. Lastly, another thing that I can really say is the brush that comes with it, this brush is average quality and totally useless, the bristles are really hard and pick up a whole lot of product, it is also hard to blend with this flat brush.
Overall I think that the pros definitely outweighs the cons, this bronzer is packed with plenty of product and will probably last me a lifetime.
With flash: HOOLA BRONZER    

The NYC Bronzer in Sunny is a new bronzer that I got and I can see why people compare this to the Benefit Hoola. This bronzer is also matte and it has a smooth texture giving you a nice summer glow. One thing thats different about this and the Hoola bronzer is that its not as pigmented which is why I don't use it most mornings since it requires more time and effort to be applied. The color in the pan and when swatched also appears to be more orange than the Hoola bronzer but I can assure that when it's applied to the face it looks really soft and natural. As for the price this is about three times cheaper than the Benefit Hoola bronzer which is very good and affordable. The packaging is a lot more slim so it is more ideal for travelling.
w/Flash: NYC bronzer in Sunny
 Overall I love both of these bronzers for very different reasons, the NYC one gives a more soft glow whereas the Benefit Hoola gives me a more chiseled look. I use the benefit Hoola more on a daily basis to save time but to save money I recommend buying the NYC bronzer because it's great.
Daylight/LtoR: Benefit Hoola, NYC Sunny

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